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A Calorie . . . Is A Calorie . . . . Is A Calorie . . . NOT!

Do you count calories?  I don’t.  Oh many years ago when I was a teenager I counted them.  1,000 calories and I’d lose weight.  Hey, at only 1,000 calories of course I lost weight.

Back then we were told that a calorie was a unit of energy.  It didn’t matter where those calories came from.  Of course if you wanted to save some of those calories for dessert, then by all means DO NOT eat the fat because after all, everyone knew that fat has twice the calories per gram as carbohydrates.

So I often saved up enough calories for an after dinner treat – a $100,000 candy bar (later renamed 100 Grand).  I could make that candy last an hour!  But if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have been a calorie counter.  Instead I would have considered the nutrients in those calories.

Calories were all about a taste in my mouth, and a half pound up or down on the scales the next morning.  I didn’t know that a calorie is not a true measure of nourishment!  Well, of course I knew I needed to eat vegetables, and I loved canned green beans (shhh, I still do!).  I always had some carrots and potatoes with our Sunday dinner pot roast.  And once a week our family had homemade tacos with iceberg lettuce, onion and tomatoes.

Heck, in high school I thought I got all the nutrients I needed first thing in the morning with my Carnation Instant Breakfast (a forerunner of SlimFast and Ensure) – Yikes!

Now I look at foods differently.  I strive to provide my body with nutrient dense foods that will keep me healthy.  Foods that are naturally packed with anti-aging nourishment like:

  • Farm fresh eggs that are high in antioxidants for the eyes and cholesterol for hormone balance.
  • Raw whole milk with live enzymes, calcium, minerals and fatty acid co-factors for healthy heart, hormones, bones, and more.
  • High quality fats like butter and coconut oil, both known to help your immune system.
  • Local organic veggies and fruits in season are a great source of minerals and antioxidants.
  • Foods that promote gut health such as yogurt and kefir.

These are just a few examples of foods that reach down deep to nourish your cells.

But not only that, real foods are real satisfying; and they taste real great!

No, I don’t count calories.  My day isn’t defined as good or bad by how many calories I consumed.  That’s no way to live.

Do you have a few (or maybe a lot more!) pounds to lose? I challenge you to make it your highest priority that your “diet” (weight loss or maintenance) is truly nourishing your body.

After all it’s the only body you’ll have.  Treat it well now so you’ll stay healthy enough to age gracefully.

Will you accept this challenge?