A Natural Approach to Health, with Rhonda Nolan, NTP

Eating and Living Right

Eating and Living Right is a Process . . .

It is NOT All or Nothing

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can fall into the trap of “all or nothing”. Whether it is an exercise commitment, eating more veggies every day, cutting out the dessert. Whatever it is I set out to do, my plan is executed with great enthusiasm. I carry it out for days, weeks, months. I feel good about myself. Then something happens that gets me off track. With the occasional slip, I usually bounce back fairly quickly.

However, sometimes I fall prey to believing the lie I tell myself – what I call “The Excuse”. It’s usually a wimpy excuse; it’s too hot to cook, there’s company coming, it’s Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas, I’m too busy. That “fill-in-the-blank” excuse could be practically anything. And it doesn’t seem to take much sometimes to fool myself into believing the lie. (You’d think I would have learned this by now!)

Oh, having an excuse to loosen up a bit, in and of itself, isn’t really the issue here. What’s life it I can’t let my hair down once in awhile? No, my problem with this is that it’s very easy to allow “The Excuse” to linger far longer than it should. And that’s a classic case of the all-or-nothing mentality.

So instead of beating myself up when occasionally ”The Excuse” goes on for weeks, I need to remind myself that I am human. Humans slip up now and then. But that doesn’t define me! Neither does it define you!

Eating and living right really is a life long process. When what we do 80% of the time is right, then we shouldn’t allow the 20% to become a stressor! In fact, if we “plan” to relax with our diet for a weekend, or a week, or a holiday, we should enjoy every morsel of food that we are indulging it. Then stop lying to ourselves; it’s not all-or-nothing, it’s really about the process of living, loving (including ourselves) and enjoying life.


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